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Why Use Deadbolt Locks For Home’s Security

06/10/2015 Back To Blog

Today, many reports have been published in the media about how burglars manage to enter one’s home. When boosting home security, there are many steps one can apply for preventing unauthorized access. One of the most common recommendations is changing the locks with deadbolt locks, which are more durable and sophisticated. Basically, a deadbolt is a type of lock that extends into the strike plate and door jamb of a door frame. A single cylinder is the most common type, which is operated by a twist knob on the inside and by a key from the outside. Another one is the double cylinder, which requires a key for both sides. Both are great choices for deadbolt installation to maximize home security. Why Use Deadbolt Locks


Key Advantages of Deadbolt Locks

The first benefits patented digital technology equipped with deadbolt lock installation. The moment the lock is installed on the door, your security system is armed, preventing would-be burglars from gaining access. The second benefit is the fact that Latch-Lock was developed after years of studying the habits of home invaders and criminals. From learning their habits and preferences, these locks are designed to provide an improved level of security.


The third benefit is the durability of the lock. Since, it retains a unique locking mechanism; it requires a lot of time to break in and thus is tougher to open, leading to the intruder’s decision to leave the area, thereby increasing the chance of being caught. The fourth benefit is its difference in comparison to other standard locks, which can be opened via a knife, key or cards, since they operate on a spring mechanism.


Important Considerations

While installing a deadbolt lock is a smart method for increasing home security, not all deadbolts are created equally. There are designs that arrive with low-grade materials and other hidden blemishes leaving the lock open. These issues can directly affect the effectiveness of deadbolts. Considering the options available, selecting the proper type of lock for the home may seem like a daunting task.


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