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Tips about repair, replacement and maintenance of locks and keys can be found here!

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Don’t be shy to get help

Don’t hesitate to call for professional locksmith service if you need help. Based on the experience of our specialists, other customers feel bad having to call several times, which should not be the case. The more you delay the issue, the bigger the chance that it could get worse. So ask for help until it’s resolved.

Locksmiths duplicate car keys

You can have your car key duplicated by a professional locksmith. Even if your car dealer tells you that the only way to get a copy is through them, you can actually get it copied at a cheaper price and at a quicker time with the help of an auto locksmith.

Consider getting a deadbolt which is saw-resistant

This type of lock comes with a special free-spinning pin made from hardened steel which is positioned in the center of the bolt. If a burglar uses a saw to cut through the bolt, the blade will reach the pin eventually and won’t be able to cut through it. The spinning action of the pin will stop the blade from doing its job.

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