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How to Fix a Jammed Door Lock

06/10/2015 Back To Blog

Door locks provide peace of mind and security, but they are also irritating and frustrating when they aren't working right, or if the house keys are accidentally lost. Remember, before making any rash decisions, there is still a chance to fix them. After all, most of these problems are usually not as serious, and can be fixed with a few hand tools and some lubricants.

Always start with the least invasive method possible, but do note that everything mentioned here is merely a suggestion. If you're not well versed in lock and/or key repair, you're better off hiring our same day service. Our skilled and highly trained technicians are always available to solve all problems on-site and eliminate any inconveniences.How to Fix a Jammed Door Lock


Preparation and Fixing Techniques

First of all, prepare powdered graphite, metal file, screwdriver, lubricant, kerosene, metal-cutting carbide, and a key extractor. For the first procedure, coat your door key with spray or powdered graphite into the keyhole. The purpose for this is to unjam the lock tumblers that have become clogged with debris over time. If it doesn't open on the first try, jiggle the lubricated key in the cylinder. Next up, use a key extractor, and then spray lubricant into the keyhole.


After this, insert the extractor’s barbed end so that its teeth will face the teeth of the stuck key. Firmly move the extractor up and down to hook the key. For 24 hours, soak your door lock in kerosene if it isn't attached to a door. Next is to remove the faceplate or cover of the surface mounted rim strike or mortise to fix it. These locks are commonly used by homes and apartments. To finish the process, do not forget to bolt a large slot on the door’s edge.


How to Remove Cover/Faceplate

First remove the faceplate or cover by unscrewing it from the door. Turn the screws of the cylinder clockwise to tighten them. If the lock is stubborn, widen the slot of the strike plate. Shave off a small portion of metal around the rim and test the latch to see how it catches. As needed, widen the slots. Rounding the end of a dead bolt may help it fit into the slot properly. These procedures also remedy security door locks that have jammed due to misalignment.

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