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3 Reasons to Call an Auto Locksmith

02/18/2017 Back To Blog

Lock and key problems occur on a regular basis with home locks and residential settings, but similar issues can come up in terms of your car. Your car key is very different to any other key you may have in your possession. These devices are known as transponders, and use a weak electric signal unique to your car to unlock and start it. If the programming of this signal is not correct, your car may shut down entirely or simply refuse to move. For this and other reasons, auto locksmiths may come in handy in several situations.3 Reasons to Call an Auto Locksmith

Losing the Key

A lost car key usually induces more trouble than losing the house key. If the car is manufactured after 1993, it will have a programmable transponder key—and those can be difficult to replace. Your local auto locksmith service will be able to do it for you, but be wary of keys that you may get from other sources.

Acquiring a Spare Key

Having a spare key to the car lying around is always a good idea. It can save you many headaches of losing or locking in your main key. Make sure that you know where it is, and that you can find it easily in case of an emergency. If you lose your main key, it is recommended to have a second spare made so that you may once again use one while storing the other somewhere accessible. Another option is to give the spare key to a trusted friend or neighbor, just like you may do with a house key. It is not recommended to keep too many spare keys around, as the more keys you have, the less secure your car is.

Locked Out of the Car

Locking yourself out of your car can happen if you are, for example, in a hurry and accidentally leave the key inside. In cases where you have a spare key available, this is not a major issue, but if you do not have one or the spare is inaccessible where you are at that point in time, a locksmith may be the only way to get into your car again. Unlocking a car door takes professional tools and knowledge, and it is not recommended to attempt to open your car door yourself.

Make sure that you have the contact number to your local auto locksmith programmed into your phone. Before anything happens, it is highly recommended to have a spare transponder key made for your car that you can keep in a secure, accessible location. Doing so will allow you to solve common issues by yourself. Some situations will, however, still require professional attendance. 

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